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The boat club has a slightly hazy history from the founding days in 1962 through to the present day, but we hope to fill the gaps and continue expanding our knowledge with this timeline. Click through the decades to read about UStABC and get in touch to help us build our history!

1982 June 1.jpeg

Bow - Iain Mackenzie 

2 - Ben Edwards 

3 - John McCracken

Stroke - Richard Bell

Cox - Lisa Kilpatrick



Iain Mackenzie recalls arriving at St Andrews in 1981 to find the boat club was no longer functional, although the Eden estuary boat house was standing and contained a few fours and singles.

Iain and friends brought the club back to life, securing some funding for new boats and taking a crew to a few races (one such occasion is pictured above, below and a celebratory beer to the left!)

By the mid 80s, the crew had expanded to a men's four and a women's four. We are keen to know more about these crews, so please get in touch and help us expand our knowledge!

1982 June 3.jpeg

Pictured: Iain Mackenzie, Ben Edwards, John McCracken, Richard Bell, Lisa Kilpatrick and Frances Gibbon.



One of our former members, John McCracken, remembers his days in the club back in the 80s:

"I rowed bow in the crew that won the novice fours at Edinburgh University's Regatta in 1984, the first competitive outing for the re-formed club. My ability to switch easily between rowing on different sides of the boat was an asset when the club was so small and my good sense of balance offset the relative lack of power that I could muster!"

1982 June 2.jpeg

If you can help us to expand our knowledge of club history between 1980 & 2000, please get in touch with

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