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Eden Boat Club is the official club for all alumni and supporters of the University of St Andrews Boat Club. The Club takes its name from the River Eden in Guardbridge where the original boathouse once stood.


The objectives of the Club, as outlined in our Constitution, are:

To mobilise and facilitate moral and financial support to UStABC

To communicate with the alumni and other supporting groups
To grow the alumni network of UStABC
To organise formal and informal social opportunities to support the achievement of the aforementioned objectives
 To provide alumni the opportunity to row and race representing the Club


In order to coordinate the pursuit of our objectives, Eden Boat Club is run by an annually elected committee. We work in collaboration with the UStABC student commitee and the Club Stewards to ensure we are best supporting the students. Read our constitution here.

Eden Boat Club Committee

Ms Jodie Cameron '21


Ms Ava Rawson '23

Membership & Communications Director

Mr Oscar Nick Von Hannover '19

Fundraising & Finance Director

Dr Alice Thompson '19

Media & Publicity Director

Mr Rob Colston '18

Racing & Competitions Director

Ms Charis Evans '19
Events & Supporters Director

Ms Samantha Marcus '17

North America Ambassador

Appointed Advisors To The Committee 

Mr Ollie Negus '12

Dr Skye Arnott '19

UStABC Student Committee Representatives

Ms Alice Vine 

UStABC President

Ms Alice Vine

UStABC Alumni & Press Officer

Mr Calum Clarke

UStABC Development Officer


The Stewards are a group of UStABC alumni who have strategic oversight of the student club and advise the UStABC Committee in order to support strategic consistency and continuity. Club Stewards are also the signatories of the Eden Fund. Incumbent Stewards nominate new members based on exceptional service and outstanding contributions to UStABC, or EBC, with each being responsible for a specific operational remit.

Mr Thomas Thomson '16

Honorary Club Captain

Mr Oliver Negus '12

Alumni Engagement

Dr Benedict Reilly O’Donnell '18


Ms Emmeline Reed '15


Read more about the UStABC Stewards here.

Eden Boat Club, as well as the EBC Committee and Club Stewards, operate in adherence to a number of key governing documents, For further information or clarification on any of our governance procedures or operational safeguards, please do not hesitate to contact us. 


EBC Constitution

Financial Governance

Stewards Policy

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