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Eden Fund


Named in tribute to the birthplace of rowing at St Andrews, the Eden Estuary, the Eden Fund is the official channel of financial support for the University of St Andrews Boat Club. We support the next generation of Saints rowers on their competitive pathway.


The Eden Fund facilitates donors to efficiently, and securely, fund the immediate and long term needs of the University of St Andrews Boat Club. Overseen by the Club Stewards with advice from the UStABC leadership, and adminsitered by the EBC Finance & Fundraising Director the Fund is protected by multiple safeguards, including a Financial Governance Policy, expenditure declarations upon request (see below) and bank enforced mandatory multiple signatory sign off.


Expenditure reports are available on request at any time from the Eden Boat Club Finance & Fundraising Director at

Why Donate?

By helping us to increase the Fund's annual income, you are ensuring the long term success of the athletes and sustainability of the sport at one of the UK's top universities. Any donation amount is welcome and makes a tangible difference to allowing Saints to grow and win more. We currently attract a mean annual donation of £90.

When you contribute to the fund, you join a group of dedicated alumni and supporters committed to upholding the wonderful community of the University of St Andrews Boat Club, its former members and its supporters. Following any donation, you will be invited to join one of our Giving Bands (see below), specifically designed to unite and recognise those who have supported Saints on the way to every medal, pennant and record, no matter how big or small. Recent seasons have seen BUCS medals of every colour, successive records on London's Tideway as well as exceptional Henley finishes, with your help, we can build on this to ensure that the best of rowing St Andrews is yet to come.


Bank Transfer

Bank Transfer ensures that all of your donation goes directly to supporting the students. We advocate a monthly standing order which allows us to ensure continual support for UStABC. Any amount and frequency is welcome and appreciated.

If you wish to contribute to us via bank transfer, please do not hesitate to get in touch and we will share our bank details with you. 

Please include EF followed by your name as a reference i.e. (EF_JBLOGGS)

Credit or Debit Card

If you live outside the UK, or would prefer to pay via credit or debit, you can set up a recurring donation below. Any donation amount is welcome, but we encourage a recurring monthly donation. This allows us to ensure continual support of UStABC.

DonorBox is a payment processing for non-profit organizations. You can change or cancel your recurring donation at any time, or contact us and we can assist you. The associated fees are standard for online payment processing, and opting to cover them allows us to make the most of your donations.

Large Donations

If you are considering making a large donation, firstly, thank you! Second, we encourage you to contact us so we can best facilitate this process.

However, in partnership with the University of St Andrews, and its US partner, the American Foundation, we can provide tax-effective giving. If this is a concern for you please reach out and we would be happy to help!


When you contribute to the Eden Fund, you help ensure the lasting support for the community of UStABC. Our giving circles feature a variety of ways for us to say thank you.



Outstanding Supporters of £25,000+



Annual Eden Fund donors of £500+ and/or 10+ years of annual donations, single donations of £5,000+


Annual Eden Fund donors of £150+ and/or 4+ years of annual donations, single donations of £2,000+


All annual Eden Fund donors, single donations of £250+

Friend Of Eden

All donors

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Friend of Eden


Project 24

Project24 launched  April 2019 with the goal of raising £35,000 to increase the boat fleet by 24%.


With the help of over 70 individual contributors, and a generous match donor, we met our goal in just 4 months. This money went to the purchase of two new boats. These additions to the fleet will allow more consistent training for the top athletes.
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