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Project 24: Sharks spotted at Loch Ore

The club are delighted to announce the recent arrival of two new, Saints branded Hudson boats at Lochore. These new, high quality additions to the fleet will enable the club to compete at an unprecedented level, and vastly increase the opportunity for all rowers at the club to fulfill their potential.

The purchase of these boats was facilitated by the extraordinary generosity of over 60 donors, contibuting over £17 500 to support the future of the club; an amount which was doubled by an incredible match donor. The gratitude of all members of UStABC, current and future, for the exceptional gift they have been given by these donors cannot be overstated.

These boats represent very tangible evidence of the incredible strength and generosity of the community within and surrounding UStABC and Eden BC. We are incredibly grateful to everyone supporting the UStABC programme, and are delighted to see how this community continues to support the hard work of athletes and club leaders as they strive towards future club success.


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